Crab Crunch Roll
Special Crab Mix with Cucumbers Covered in Crunchies, Unagi Sauce, and Spicy Mayo
Sea Dragon Roll
Crab Meat Inside Wrapped with Unagi Drizzled with Sweet Unagi Sauce
Green Garden Roll
Lettuce, Avocado, Carrots, and Asparagus Rolled in Thin Slices of Cucumber with an All Natural Citrus Sauce
Mexico City Roll
Tuna, Cream Cheese, and Jalapenos Rolled with Soy Paper
Viva Las Vegas Roll
Crab, Salmon, and Cream Cheese Flash Fried then Drizzled with Eel Sauce and Japanese Mayo
Super Crunchy Roll
Shrimp Tempura and Cucumbers, Topped with Crunchy Crab Mix Drizzled with Spicy Mayo and Eel Sauce
Rawnie Roll
Spicy Salmon Topped with Avocado and Chunks of Special Mix Spicy Tuna Drizzled with Wasabi Mayo
Tuna Frenzy
Spicy Tuna Wrapped with Peppered Tuna and Avocado Drizzled with Ponzu Sauce
Buddy Roll
Spicy Tuna Topped with Salmon and Avocado Slices
Big Boy Country Roll
Fried Chicken, Cream Cheese, and Avocado Topped with Crunchies, Eel Sauce, and Japanese Mayo
Steak & Shrimp
Shrimp Tempura & cucumber topped with seared rib-eye, green onions, jalapenos, and spicy yuzu sauce
Kinski Roll
Mixed Crab and Avocado Topped with Spicy Salmon, Crunchies, and Drizzled with Spicy Mayo
Hawaiian Roll
Super White Tuna, Salmon, Tuna, & Pineapple Flash Fried. Drizzled with Citrus Mayo & Unagi Sauce
Tuna Crunch Jalapeno
Spicy Tuna & Crunch Topped with Yellow Fin Tuna and Slices of Jalapenos
Hot Mama Roll
Special Mixed Crab Flashed Fried Than Topped with Baked Mussels in a Caviar Cream Sauce
Sunshine Roll
Spicy Tuna & Pineapple Wrapped in Slices of Mango & Sesame Seeds Drizzled with Mango Puree Sauce
Tangy Tuna
Escolar & Cucumber Topped with Yellow Fin Tuna & Avocado Drizzled with a Sweet & Tangy Spicy Sauce
Party Roll
Shrimp Tempura & Cucumber Wrapped in Avocado Topped with a Mango Salsa Style Pico de Gallo
Crazy Cajun Roll
Shrimp Tempura Topped with Tuna, Avocado, & a Mix of Crawfish, Crunch, Cilantro, & a Spicy Sweet Sauce
Alaska Roll
crab, cream cheese, & avocado topped with tobiko and sesame seeds
Creamy Tuna
shrimp tempura and cream cheese wrapped in avocados topped with spicy tuna and wasabi mayo
D’s Top Notch Roll
Chopped Sea Scallop Topped with Fresh Salmon, Avocado, and Drizzled with Warm Sake-Butter Sauce
Push Roll
Spicy Salmon and Crunchies Topped with Pepper Tuna, Escolar, Avocado, Eel Sauce, and Wasabi Mayo
Lanky Roll
Eel and Cream Cheese Topped with Pepper Tuna, Avocado, Sesame Seeds, Drizzled with Eel Sauce, and Wasabi Mayo
Crispy Onion Roll
Mixed Crab and Avocado Topped with Spicy Salmon, Crunchies, and Drizzled with Spicy Mayo
Volcano Roll
Crab Mix with Avocado Topped with Fresh Chopped Scallop, Mayo, and Green Onions then Baked
Yummy Roll
Spicy Yellowtail Topped with Super White Tuna, Avocado Slices, Garlic, and Cilantro Drizzled with Ponzu Sauce
Stuffed Calamari Roll
Crab Mix, Avocado, and Cucumbers Topped with Calamari, Spicy Mayo then Baked
Garlicky Tuna Roll
Crab Mix with Cucumbers Wrapped with Albacore Tuna and Avocados Topped with Fried Garlic and Special Sauce
Half and Half Roll
Soft Shell Crab and Cucumbers Topped with Tuna, Salmon, and Avocados Drizzled with Wasabi Mayo
Mama Mia Roll
Spicy Crawfish and Cream Cheese Fried Topped with Spicy Tuna, Crunchies, Pico de Gallo, Eel Sauce and Spicy Mayo
Fami-Le Roll
Shrimp Tempura and Cucumber Topped with Salmon, Avocado, Tuna Chunks, Eel Sauce and Spicy Mayo
Raging Fire Roll
Spicy Crayfish and Green Onions Topped with Spicy Tuna,Spicy Salmon, Jalapenos, and Wasabi Tobiko
Make Your Own Roll
Your Choice of Any Fish, Vegetable & Sauce How Ever You Like (Excluding: Toro, Uni, Ama ebi)
1 piece per order sushi
4 pieces per order sashimi
nama sake
pepper salmon  
smoked salmon  
kunsei sake
Super white tuna  
pepper tuna  
magura tataki
albacore tuna  
meji mogura
fatty tuna  
red snapper  
sea bass  
Sea urchin  
freshwater eel  
smelt fish roe  
salmon roe  
flying fish roe  
sweet shrimp  
ama ebi
chopped scallop  
spicy tuna  
spicy salmon  
spicy yellowtail  
seaweed salad  


Yellowtail twist  
Yellowtail Topped with Avocado, Jalapeno, and Cilantro Drizzle with Ponzu Sauce
Green Tuna  
albacore tuna topped with cilantro, jalapeno, avocado, & fried garlic with yuzu sauce
Sweet Salmon  
pepper salmon topped with a sweet glaze of eel sauce, wasabi mayo, & sesame seeds
Savory Salmon  
Salmon Topped with Avocado, Lemon Slice, and Tobiko.
Beefy Good  
chopped rib eye marinated in a spicy seasoning with green onions & toragashi
Funky Flounder  
Flounder with a Squeeze of Lemon Topped with Avocado, Soy Tobiko, and Fried Garlic.
Stuffed Scallop  
Scallop Topped with Avocado, Tobiko and Drizzled with Ponzu Sauce.
Smokin’ Salmon  
Smoked Salmon Wrap Topped with Crab Mix, Crunchies, and Drizzle with Spicy Mayo.
Crunchy Tuna  
Tuna Wrap Topped with Spicy Salmon, Avocado, Green Onions, and Crunchies Drizzled with Wasabi Mayo.
Salmon’s Rival  
Salmon Wrap Topped with Spicy Tuna and Soy Infused Tobiko.
The Bleeding Escolar  
Escolar Wrap Topped with Masago, a Quail Egg, and Red Tobiko with a Dash of Ponzu Sauce.
Stunning Snapper  
Snapper Wrap Topped with Chopped Scallop, Green Onions, and Drizzled with Ponzu Sauce.
Salmon Sunrise  
salmon wrap topped with red tobiko & a quail egg with a dash of salt & pepper
Screaming Yellowtail  
Yellowtail Wrap Topped with Special Yellowtail Mix, Jalapeno, Chop Cilantro, and Drizzled with Ponzu Sauce.
Twin Tuna  
Peppered Tuna Wrap Topped with Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Masago, and with a Splash of Chili Oil and Ponzu Sauce.
The Nude Salmon  
Salmon Wrap with No Rice Topped with Crab Mix, Spicy Tuna, Green Onions and Drizzled with Ponzu.
* Can Be Made Into a Hand Roll

Veggie Roll*
Lettuce, Cucumber, Avocado, and Sesame Seeds
Fried Oyster
Fried Oyster, Avocado, & Caviar Cream Sauce
Crab Stick, Avocado, Cucumbers, and Sesame Seeds
Spicy Tuna*
Spicy tuna mix
Spicy Salmon*
chopped spicy salmon mix
Salmon Skin*
Baked Smoked Salmon Skin, Cucumbers, masago, & Sesame Seeds
Rock & Roll*
Shrimp Tempura, Cucumbers, Crunchies, Masago, and Spicy Mayo
Spicy Yellowtail*
Chopped Spicy Yellowtail and Green Onions
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Avocado
Soft Shell Crab, Cucumbers, Masago, and Japanese mayo
Baked Eel, Cucumbers, Sesame Seeds, and Eel Sauce
Chopped Scallop*
spicy chopped scallop, green onions, masago, & spicy mayo
Spicy Crawfish*
Crawfish Tails, Green Onions, and Spicy Paste
Spicy Tuna, Crab, and Avocado
Spicy Crunchy*
Crab, Green Onions, Masago, Crunchies, and Spicy Mayo
El Loco Roll
Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Cucumbers, and Soy Paper
TNT Roll
Crab Meat, Avocado, and Cucumbers Topped with Baked Fish, Crunchies, Unagi Sauce, and Spicy Mayo
Crab, Cucumber, and Avocado Wrapped with Assorted Fish
Shaggy Dog
Shrimp Tempura and Cucumbers Topped with Kani Drizzled with Spicy Mayo and Eel Sauce
Baked Unagi and Cucumbers Wrapped with Avocados, Sesame Seeds, and Unagi Sauce
Soft Shell Crab and Cucumbers Wrapped in Fresh Water Eel and Avocados Drizzled with Unagi Sauce